DIVAS: She's Every Woman Show

"A farce to be reckoned with!"

Video Clips from the Show

With fabulous vocals and amazing costume transformations, Bonnie is a musical, comedy genius who takes her audience on a thrilling entertainment ride, as she showcases celebrities from past to present. Bringing us characters like Marilyn Monroe and Miley Cyrus and musical legends such as Cher and Tina Turner, Bonnie portrays some of these idols with remarkably exactness while she turns the others into hilarious parodies.

Bonnie engages her audiences with her edgy style, comedic talent, and great vocals. Her ability to encourage audience participation gives an added extra element of fun and surprise which adds up to a fantastic evening of entertainment. You will also watch highly amusing videos as she changes into the next character…With one minute costume changes, this show is non-stop excitement!

"What an amazing night, you were fabulous! You have a wonderful voice and captured everyone’s attention. The night was an big success for the chorus, and on behalf of all of the boys, thank you for being a big part of that! I hope to see you again soon.”
-Vancouver Mens Chorus

"Everyone that attended is still talking about the event! Everyone was thoroughly entertained and looking forward to having her back again."
"The performance was like being in Las Vegas without leaving the comforts of our hometown!”
-Audience members following a Cascades Casino show

“It was fantastic! The crowd absolutely loved her and the audience interaction was great. From Marilyn to Cher the night was non-stop laughs. Her comedic spin on each character was truly entertaining. We would love to have the DIVAS back to Cascades Casino anytime.”
-Tanya Gabara,
Marketing Manager,
Cascades Casino

If you love your divas and you love your celebrity impersonators, this is a show you simply should not miss! If you would like to know more, click on the character links to the right or contact Bonnie.