2 March 2020—Aboriginal Head Start's 25th Anniversary
Last week, I was given the honour and privilege of performing to a very enthusiastic audience during the Aboriginal Head Start society's 25th anniversary meeting at the River Cree Event Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. It was a fun, and educational time. Thanks again for inviting me!

28 February 2020—Cher takes matters into her own hands!
Sometimes the VIP has to take matters into her own hands and be her own bodyguard. Cher has just the right amount of attitude and force to pull it off.

18 February 2020—Alberta Shows
After a trip down to Vegas to schmooze with fellow celebrity impersonators at the Las Vegas Reel Awards annual convention, it seems as though the rest of February (and early March) will be me living on Alberta time. I've got a bunch of shows coming up in Alberta—some public, some private—so check out my schedule by clicking here for more information.

16 February 2020—White Rock loves Country Music!
I've performed at the Elks Lodge a fews times over the last couple of years and the crowds there never seem to disappoint. Last Saturday was no exception as the crowd was revved from the very opening, where they started singing-along in full voice to the Country Queens intro, which is a snippet of Hank Williams' epic "Hey, Good Lookin'". Here are some pics and video.

How do you like my new Shania Twain hat? I bought it at the most amazing store in Palm Springs.